Embrace 2017, KaiFeng electronic happy New Year to all employees

Issuing time:2017-02-10 14:40

Of the arrival of the Spring Festival, thank all the staff in this year's hard work and effort on the company, in this I wish you all a happy New Year!

No, god reward those who work hard.In the past year, we experienced wind and rain, although bumpy, despite the difficulties, but unity is strength!We KaiFeng team together, encourage each other, hard to forge ahead, dawei,.Hope that in 2017 KaiFeng all family members work together to reflect their own value, the company will, as always, fair treat every employee, KaiFeng create fine with you.
Looking happy New Year, the company is facing a rare opportunity and challenge, on the journey of realizing the vision hope KaiFeng, let everybody all exhibit talents, realize the dream, build the company with happiness.

Finally, I wish you all good health and a happy family, wedding is great, good luck!

Chairman of the board of directors Zhang Xuefeng,

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