KaiFeng electronic spring convention 2017

Issuing time:2017-01-11 14:40


Monkey battle, the extension to cock, on January 19, 2017, 9 points, cixi KaiFeng electronics co., LTD. 2017 spring convention will be in the company held a grand old factory 3 floor, KaiFeng staff together, singing and dancing, sharing joy, welcome the New Year, feeling KaiFeng family warmth and enthusiasm.

The party dominated by administration Liu Yongxu, lai teachers and yu factory director general planning, financial planning and other departments to assist the work behind the scenes, the performances of the layout and planning by the employees themselves, rich wonderful.There are children, many pure song,
Girl sweet songs, and yunnan minor hulus solo, all without exception shows "KaiFeng" positive spirit.It also has carried on the rounds of the sweepstakes, and activities WeChat grab a red envelope, to make the party all climax, everywhere permeated with festive, cheers and laughter every corner across the hall.

Song "dry out selling wine", "originally you still here", "xinyu wish", "in full bloom of life", "nine hundred and ninety-nine roses", such as all singing, so many wonderful programs too much, wonderful, the evening show a versatile KaiFeng staff side.

The most exciting sweepstakes makes the scene atmosphere reached its climax.Audience audience tension, uneasy, excited expression on the face, hold your breath and hope luck on themselves.After several rounds of lucky draw, lucky employees get the prize, at the same time of enjoying wonderful program, an unexpected surprise.

As the finale show wonderful performance is brought by the factory director yu song "with you all the way", song elegant, winning the intermittent applause on the spot, this is all the KaiFeng employee of the company deeply wishes, hope cixi KaiFeng tomorrow will be better, hope the cixi KaiFeng family warmth forever.

Spring convention ended in applause and cheers.In the joy of New Year annual meeting, "KaiFeng" people will be full of confidence and hope with a better vision of the New Year, new journey, in the days full of joy, all staff to be joyful ZhuFuKai peak, a happy family!I wish KaiFeng concern and support of customers and friends from all walks of life a happy New Year, healthy body, all the best!

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