Terminal market upward trend is obvious

Issuing time:2015-08-31 14:36

The terminal is used for convenient connection wires, it is actually a sealed in plastic insulation inside the metal sheet, both ends can be inserted into the wire hole, a screwused for fastening or loosening, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected,sometimes need to disconnect, it can use the terminal connect them, and can be disconnected at any time, without the need to weld them together or twisted together, veryconvenient. But for the wire interconnection of electric power industry, in a special terminal,terminal box, above all is the terminal, single, double, current, voltage, ordinary, can bebroken and so on. A crimping area in order to ensure the reliable contact, and guaranteedby sufficient current. The general specifications of all UK series universal terminal can be used to meet EN50019 standard EEXe. Ex explosion-proof certification, licensingcomponents corresponding can be found in the data, and smaller dimensions by a thin wiremodel similar to the sisters, dimensions can be terminal wire section is larger than 6mm2are optimized.

UK terminals must traverse the same electric heater crimping terminal on the one onecorresponding, short-circuit accident caused by pressing stop. Not tightly sintered ceramicmaterial, similar material or insulating bead cannot be used as supplementary insulation orreinforced insulation. The fundamental reason is that similar materials, in the firing process,often there will be empty or bubbles in the material. If in the humid environment use orstorage, material properties are often affected, so if a similar material to be used as additional or reinforced insulation, generally through the red potion soak test, analyze thecompact sintered. Not because the material crisp, crisp not crisp is a subjective judgment,generally through impact testing, we might think that the mechanical strength requirements.

Terminal technology has made great development in recent years, the economy of thetemperature rise that consumer confidence is restored, and the terminal demand rebound,this has become the key to boom in the industry of electronic components.

China Electronic export dependence is higher, as the global economy back on a growthpath, the export recovery generally believe that the future will have greater development.This is because the demand for terminal equipment is more and more high, more safety,requirements for terminal equipment more stable, more efficient. For many traditionalmechanical system has been unable to meet, must turn to electronic control, electroniccontrol terminal technology needs must constantly improve the level of.

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