Terminals for terminal of the importance of mould manufacturing

Issuing time:2015-08-31 14:32


The terminal mold is the key factors important parts production implementation, terminal mold is directly related to the terminal is of high efficiency, good precision, convenient maintenance.

Terminal mold operation can be divided into several aspects: terminal main surface mainlyplastic mold and metal mold; plastic mold mainly lies in the design of parting surface, the product selection is very important, it determines the structure of the mold design, and side core-pulling (more can be four) design into the glue outlet and direction.

In addition, the terminal die but system is a very important one, the design of somestructures will be affected by the type of plastic material, the insulation shell of uniform for mold impacts. Insert front mould and die on the need to avoid plugging phenomenon, as a product design engineer will result in die if only consider the product function and normalproduction and appearance. Both mold manufacturing process, the other is the forming process of injection molding machine, is also an important aspect of the relationship between temperature, injection molding, the molding time, clamping force, injection speed.

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