Inserted type terminal blocks definitions and USES is introduced

Issuing time:2015-08-31 15:34

   Pluggable terminal block is composed of two parts of plug connection, will be part of the line pressing, and then inserted into another part, this part is welded onto the PCB board. The bottom of mechanical principle, the anti-vibration design to ensure the use reliability of the product of long-term gastight connection and finished products. Both ends of the socket can be installed with the ear, the ear can protect tab assembly and can prevent the splicing position not to a great extent, and the socket design can ensure the socket can be inserted into the parent right. The socket can be assembly buckling and locking button position. Assembly fastening position can play more firmly fixed to the PCB board, the locking button can lock the maternal and the socket after the installation is complete. Method, insert the socket design various can match different maternal say: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit board, can choose different ways according to the requirements of customers. You can select a metric gauge can also choose the standard wire gauge, terminal types currently on the market the most popular.

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