Product evolution and market development of terminal blocks

Issuing time:2015-08-29 10:33

Cixi City Kai Feng electronic terminals, to provide high-quality products, innovativetechnology, to meet customer demand, competition and common development as the eternal ideas and the pursuit of forever, continuous innovation, to solve aconnection scheme for the customer design and. Kaifeng terminal today has become a terminal industry is an integral part of a ring.

Cixi City Kai Feng Electronics PCB terminals, PCB terminals, fence type PCBpluggable terminal block, and PCB fixed wiring terminals and so on are hot, for theterminal distributor, well-known international peer products, are based on the standard first and then the product related regulations do so is Fan Lai, Kay peak,from this point of view Kaifeng and international well-known enterprises at the same level.

In the second, a management mode of humanization, east-west combination ofadvanced research and development, production, manufacture in one, in: customer first, safety and effectiveness, unity and cooperation, leading the trend of the spirit of enterprise; and stand in the customer point of view to think and act the motto enterprises; and the specific implementation.

Compared with other international brands, such as Feinikesi, Wanke, Weidmuller,contact pressure Kaifeng products, reliable connection; the connection is convenient, simple operation; and the design of its seismic performance, excellentsaves space and flexible bridge system has been favored by more and more customers and accept.

In order to meet the development demand of new products personalized customer,Lianjie products to its customers the ability to customize the rich, experienced the test of the market, won the unanimous praise, Kaifeng products through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Through the CE safety certification,accord with the standard of RoHS, environmental protection, and enterprise culture and so on, have ensured the Kaifeng lead position in the terminal market.

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