Journal Assignments
Dev Writ II 096
Internet Course


Choose one topic from each of the following subheadings within the book Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readings, by Jean Wyrick, as listed below, and submit, on the dates assigned, a one-page, typed, double-spaced response to it.

Write them using these four criteria:
I. Introduce the author and title of the article
II. briefly summarize one particular aspect of the work read and tell me what the author means by it
III. tell me what you think of the author's message--this will be your longest section--in it, you are giving a critical analysis of the text (which means your own opinion based on how you view the world as opposed to how the author views the world)--what do you think this passage means in context with the message of the greater article?--that sort of thing
IV. tell me what impact this issue as a whole has on society
This will be your journal format for all the journals you do for the remainder of this class--about a page, typed and double-spaced.  Let me know if you have any questions on this.

 Read the responses to the paragraph assigned: "Why am I taking an Internet course?"

  1. Friday, January 14th—"What is the most interesting thing I have ever done and why?"
  2. Friday, January 28th--Ch. 20: Development by Example. Choose "Darkness at Noon" (495), "Black Men and Public Space" (497), or "Rambos of the Road" (500)
  3. Friday, February 4th--Chs. 1-4 Preacher 1-46.  If you'd like to read more about the author, click here:  Luther Butler. To see Luther Butler's comments to students concerning their journal entries, click here: COMMENTS.
  4. Friday, February 11th--Ch. 21: Process Analysis. Choose "Attitude" (503), "Ditch Diving" (506), or "The Jeaning of America" (508)
  5. Friday, February 18th--Ch. 22: Comparison/Contrast. Choose "Columbus and the Moon" (511), "My Real Car" (513), or "Life in a Bundle of Letters" (516)
  6. Friday, February 25th--Ch. 23: Definition. Choose "The Heroes Among Us" (519), excerpt from "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" (521), "What is Poverty?" (523)
  7. Friday, March 3rd--Chs. 5-9 Preacher (47-99)
  8. Friday, March 17th--Ch. 24: Division/Classification. Choose "A Brush with Reality: Surprises in the Tube" (527), "Party Manners" (530), "College Pressures" (532)
  9. Friday, March 24th--Ch. 25: Causal Analysis. "Kids in the Mall" (541), "The Best Years of My Life" (545), "The Teacher Who Changed My Life" (549)
  10. Friday, March 31st--Chs. 10-15 Preacher (100-48)
  11. Friday, April 7th--Ch. 27: Description. Choose "Ode to Thanksgiving" (565), "Hush, Timmy—This is Like a Church" (568), "The Man in the Water" (570).
  12. Friday, April 14th--Ch. 26: Argumentation. Choose "Pro/Con Argument [Read Both]" (555), "How about Low-Cost Drugs for Addicts" (559), or "A Scientist: ‘I Am the Enemy’" (561)
  13. Thursday, April 20th--Chs. 16-21—Preacher (149-99)
  14. Friday, April 28th--Ch. 28: Narration. Choose "Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police" (575), "The Talkies" (578), "Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self" (581).
  15. Friday, May 5th--Why I should pass into Rhet/Comp 101. What was the most beneficial thing about this course? the least?

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